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» SCDW prices with full insurance


» CDW prices with third party insurance


» All prices with all fees included

» No pickup fees in Funchal Headquartes


» No Aeroport pickup fees for +7 days 


» No  pickup fees in Funchal hotels for +3 days

»  No credit card fees


» No cancelation fees or penaltys


» No deposit fees for SCDW prices

Answer your doubts and questions !

Do i need to pay any value in advance?

No, with us you dont have to pay anything when you make the reservation. The payment of the rent is done when picking the vehicle.

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Whats the minimum period of rental? Can i extend?

The minimum period to rent a vehicle is 24 hours (1 day). If an extension of the initial rental period is needed, FunchalEasy must the contacted 24 hours before the end to avoid overbooking of our fleet. The answer to the request will be given before the end of the rental period

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Which documents are needed to rent a vehicle?

It is need the personal identification of the drivers, and a document proving the legal habilitation to drive the requested vehicle. The drivers must have at least 21 years old.

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How long is my reservation valid?

After confirmation by our services of your reservation, it will be valid until half an hour after the time determined to pick the vehicle. After that time, if the vehicle is not picked up it will be considered a cancellation.

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In which fuel level should the vehicle be returned?

The vehicle´s fuel level should be returned in the same quantity when it was picked up.


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What types of payment are avaiable?

When picking the vehicle the rental cost can be payed in money, paypal system or by electronic payments (credit ou debit card). We dont accept  bank checks.

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Can i get the vehicle at my location?

Yes, we have a pick-up and delivery service to make our vehicles avaiable at your location. This service is free on Funchal area and Caniço, and has a cost of 40€ per delivery outside these areas.

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When do i pay my reservation?

Your reservation is payed only when picking the vehicle.

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What is the age limit for booking a car?

The age to be able to rent a car in our company is any age inbetween 21 years and 65 Years.

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